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The Songs

Music is a mysterious creation of God. When the music of a song unites with the message of that song, reiterating the lyrics in its own profound language, it has a powerful ability to move the soul – to communicate to the heart. Often when words fail, it is music itself that can still reach through to touch us in some way. Hymns are singular as an example of this ability because their message is of eternal import.

We have taken hymns from three different books, as one of our goals for this album was to use all of the original lyrics for each song as well as the original harmonies. There is a razor sharp poignancy in both the lyrics and music of these hymns that will cut like the finest scalpel through layers of superficiality, sorrow and discouragement alike to arrest your soul – and enrich it.

It is our fervent prayer that these rich songs may bless you to draw close to the Lord as you find rest in the confident assurance of His grace, mercy, and love.

— Dan Beauchamp
March 2006

1. Forgive The Song – SH (Cowper)
2. The Child Of Grace – PBH (398)
3. Give Me The Wings – PBH (361)
4. Our Father Cares – PBH (54)
5. Buy The Truth And Sell It Not – PBH (187)
6. Grace ‘Tis A Charming Sound – PBH (266)
7. Am I A Soldier Of The Cross? – PBH (465)
8. Dripping From The Cross – PBH (125)
9. Weeping Saviour – PBH (122)
10. Behold The Lamb Of God – TGOS (701)
11. Hosanna – PBH (573)
12. Thorny Desert – PBH (481)
13. Thru Every Age, Eternal God – TGOS (524)
14. Resurrection Scene – PBH (137)
15. Soar Away – PBH (622)
16. The Saints Bound For Heaven – PBH (456)
17. Evening Shade – TGOS (609)
18. I Would Not Live Alway – PBH (516)

TGOS = The Good Old Songs’ Hymnal
PBH = Primitive Baptist Hymnal, 2nd Edition
SH = Sacred Harp Hymnal